Thursday, October 8, 2009

Song II - Birds

FIRST SONG/POST 2 MONTHS AGO: So, I'm digging through my massive CD collection (Remember those? From the "olden days"?)... and I come across a recording of original songs from over 10 years ago... before six children, when I actually had time to write poetry, work on guitar and piano, set it to music... any way, for humility sake, here's track #6 (Love Comes In) from the CD appropriately entitled: The First and The Last - if you're interested... written when my wife and I began dating.

SECOND SONG/POST: Here's the follow-up. It's been a few months since I posted the above, so I'm just adding to that post a second song from the CD. Here in Erie, Pa. we have the beauty of water... and this large piece of land called Presque Isle... 13 mile "isle" of beaches and forest preserve. Ten years ago I brought my camera and went to one of the lighthouses... it was late fall-turning winter. I was absolutely enraptured by a multitude of birds soaring on the wind... it was quite magestic, and inspired this guitar instrumental, simply called Birds (CLICK HERE).

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