Thursday, November 6, 2008


Buy ErieAlityTV Season 1E-TV's Season 1 DVD RELEASED!

Paul Lorei took us to beautiful Presque Isle and the Quad Races, introduced us to his superstar sons, his "secret project," and a unique portrait of life.

Roy Hollis, Jr. took us to Waldameer, shared his journey of overcoming stuttering and prejudice to become an award-winning singer, and brought us along the emotional journey of a brother dying of cancer.

EJ McMillen opened the door to his world of fighting a mental disability - including a prison record, rocky romantic relationships and devotion to a video game, but a big heart and dream for his rock band Scarwork to make it big.


Includes S&H!


Greetings ErieAlityTV Fans! Broadcasting to Erie!Over the past six weeks over 8,000 "tuned in to the City." Thank you!

Last night E-TV's Season 1 concluded before a crowd at Fox & Hound.
Go to the site now to see the concluding Grand Finale Episode 6 and meet the folks we'll be following for Season 2- Lindsay Vendetti, Pamela McCormick and Clara Ward. Also, preview our just-released film for National Boy Scouts of America featuring local business leader and Eagle Scout, Dennis Prischak! Broadcasting to Erie!Please support ErieAlityTV by purchasing the Season 1 DVD ($12 includes S&H). View it in high-quality, all our Fun Clips, and 11 minutes of MUST SEE EXTRA footage!

Also, we want to invite local businesses and non-profits to an exciting partnership. We want to personalize and showcase your work to the community! For the price of a high-quality video you'll not only get that video, but reach all of Erie for eight weeks in our partnership with WICU and WSEE.
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