Friday, September 26, 2008

Dahlkemper Landscape & Port Farms...

ITEM 1: We're opening up the door and going in.... Today we're T-minus five days until the premiere- October 1, 2008. I'm excited because I've seen the First Episode (a distinct benefit of being the producer), and I know you'll be moved!

It'll be a fast but moving ride. In ten minutes you'll accompany me to the dark recesses where we'll encounter many tatoo-clad, pierced and culturally-diverse musicians-- members of EJ's band, Scarwork. I invite you to bring your stereotypes and see if they hold up. Then we'll take you to the last day of Waldameer, where Roy Hollis, Jr. has established quite the name for himself... you may be surprised by a thing or two. Finally, we'll go "on location" with photographer, Paul Lorei, to a family beach shoot at Presque Isle - you'll be captured by the stunning beauty of this tremendous gift we have in Erie.
ITEM 2: Last Thursday (September 18, 2008) the first of eleven billboards went up on I-90. This, along with an eblast announcing E-TV and good folks like you telling this story (thank you!), the site has received over 100,000 hits... the average visitor coming at least twice (over 1000 unique visitors) and staying over 6 minutes!

ITEM 3: Extraordinary Advertisers - looking for "that kind of company." E-TV "promises" unparalleled advertising opportunity. But I'm looking for Extraordinary Advertisers - the kind you know by name, who understand and share the vision. At E-TV we're principally interested in people, affirming the "Big" that's inside every person, more than what may draw a crowd... or what one may see on the surface. When folks come to I want them to find the "Big" in themselves, and know that our advertisers connect with this... that they are "that kind of company."
Hardly just a sideshow, each advertiser space is an integral part of the entertainment- you'll find a "FUN CLIP" for each. Click it and you'll get to meet them, discover more about them as people-- what makes them tick. That's the mission.

So let me say a word for E-TV's first Extraordinary Companies. Dahlkemper Landscape and Port Farms are each "that kind of company." If you have landscaping needs, make your first call to Dahlkemper Landscape (814/ 825-3253). If you want an incredible, Fun Fall Family experience, plan your trip to Port Farms now (see their E-TV Profile on our home page 814/796-4500)... our family goes there every year, sometimes more than once!

Thanks for reading.
Greg Schlueter

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